reThink Children's Therapy Dunedin

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do reThink work with?

Our experienced team work with children up to 18 years old. Whether you're a parent, caregiver or professional, please get in touch.

Do reThink only work with children in Otago & Southland?

People come from all over New Zealand to have their children assessed by our skilled team.

We have a clinic based in Dunedin and our mobile therapists are available to work throughout Otago, Central Otago & Southland.

Online intervention can also be provided across New Zealand.

How much does it cost to work with reThink?

As we're a private provider there are variable costs associated with our services.

When you contact us we can help work out what you need and the associated fees. 

My child's needs are really complex, can reThink help us?

Yes! We're experts at working with children from very challenging backgrounds and pride ourselves on developing simple solutions in complex situations. We can provide a wrap around service that will support your child in the home, school & community. You can work with one of our team or as many as are required to help your child & family thrive. 

Do you provide ACC funded services?

We hold a Training for Independence Tamariki & Rangitahi contract in Dunedin & the Clutha District. This means our interdisciplinary team provide community based rehabilitation to approved clients, funded by ACC. If your child has rehabilitation needs then talk to your ACC Recovery Team Member about working with us. 

I'm a permanent caregiver, can reThink help me?

Yes! Please get in touch, we'd love to understand your childs needs and make a plan together. 

I'm a professional, how do I make a referral?

The easiest way is to complete the referral form on this website. Our Referrals Manager will be in touch soon to answer any questions and organise the best support for the young person.

My friend/family member committed suicide, can you help?

Yes! We have team members specially trainined to help you through this very difficult time. We can work with you in person or online, it's your choice. This is a free service in partnership with Aoake te Ra.

Can I access reThink online?

We'd love to work with you online and lots of our services can be delivered this way.